There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists by virtue of a force that brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system together. We must assume behind this force the existence of conscious and intelligent mind. Thje mind is thwe matrix of all matter. Max Planck

Matter is a good place to begin the solidity of the world seems totally indisputable as a fixed thing that you can see and hear and feel, your body is also reassuringly solid, but beginning with Einstein, modern physics has shown us that this solidity is a mirage.

All physical matter, everything wee see around us, is the result of a fequency, what that also means is if you amplify the frequency the structure of the matter will change. oscillating a wine glass by playing sound at its resonance frequency will cause it to move change and liquefy its structure and will eventually break it. This is what an primitive person would call magic, but we’re not talking about magic tricks, we’re talking about unseen forces at work. The effects of symatic frequencies on water, structure, texture, and oil. Everything owes its existence, solely and completely to sound, sound is the factor that holds everything together sound is the basis of form and shape. In the beginning there was a word and the word was god, we are told that this is how creation took shape, if we put that into the modern idiom and say that word is symbolic for sound frequency, we can say that out of the great voids of space came a sound and matter took shape, Sound waves mould matter into all sorts of complex and beautiful and stunning patterns you can see this done before your very eyes with sand on a speaker, or a tonoscope, the patterns begin metamorphosing with each change in frequency eventually encompassing all the shapes in the universe, from cells to stars. extraordinary to watch, and yet simply the effect of sound vibration. A female singing high pitched notes into a tonoscope can create unbelievably complicated patterns.

Some say the Bible is encoded with deep knowledge and depending on your level of understanding you will either get the meaning behind it or not. If you take the bible literally, that there’s an invisible sky daddy governing our lives then you’ve missed it. It is said that The Bible is not just a nice fairytale, but a guide to the universe, full of scientific facts woven into the narrative.

Interference between two or more frequencies will result in a  pulse, a pulse just like that of the human heart, the pulse that drives the blood through the veins, what is your heart responding to? Where does that pulse come from? There is so much more out there than what we perceive with our human senses.

All over the world there are examples of sacred geometry in ancient civilisations, geometric patterns, resplendent throughout history in the works of our forefathers. the ancients knew much, much more than they are given credit for regarding life, the universe, astronomy, advance mathematics, magnetism, physics, healing and unseen forces etc. Encoded knowledge is information conveyed through symbols and signs, and we failed to realise it, except for a handful of people who keep this knowledge hidden from the public and have done throughout history, secret societies, Freemasons, Illuminati, and the Vatican and the government etc.

Quantum physics has only revealed what ancient masters always knew, matter does not exist, the concept of substance rose from the philosophy of Aristotle (322BC-384BC) and science’s perception of matter arose from that concept. The substance of the universe is not matter, but is in fact consciousness. Belief that the universe is matter leads to a greed – fear dichotomy, people in their quiet desperation attempting to accumulate any material possessions or as much riches as possible. However, as the substance of the universe is consciousness it is behaviour that is important.

“An entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables – slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don’t need. We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war. Our great depression is our lives. We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won’t. The things you own end up owning you, obnly once you have lost everything are youy truly free to own anything” ~ Chuck Phalanuick

Quantum physics has shown that space and time are an illusion of perception, therefore our bodies can not truly be a reality as they occupy this space. When scientists looked into the atom for the first time they were shocked to discover it was almost entirely empty space, how could an atom make the ‘solid’ world around us? Our true consciousness exists neither in our brains nor in our bodies, but this misinformation about our bodies along with misguiding teachings about our origins has led us to believe that we all think and act independently from one another, with all these misteachings it has become impossible to scientifically explain so-called phenomena like telepathy, clairvoyance, spiritual mediums, and any other ‘phenomena’ dealing with transferring information between sources without physical means of communication.

When we understand that  there is a common spiritual bond between all things in the universe, and that we are all part of the same one divine intelligence then no phenomena is unexplainable, the blank matter within the most basic building blocks of perceivable existence is malleable and moulded by intent. This means that consciousness is what shapes the reality we live in a lot of people have found this difficult to accept and this is understandable because we are taught from an early age how to think rationally and tangibly this is an exclusively left brain method of education and has more harmful effects than good.

The left brain deals with logic, lists, text, facts, details, patterns, practicality, science, and math, whereas the right brain deals with intuition, feelings, symbols, images, risk-taking philosophy, spirituality, and religion. with the deliberate push of government controlled educational curriculums, generation after generation of youth are taught only to focus on facts, figures and numbers, repetition subconsciously trains children to constantly accept what they’re learning, children are not rewarded for questioning the validity of the information they receive, in fact they’re ridiculed and ostracized, whilst those that simply as true and regurgitate it on command, those are the children that go on to become the decision-makers in our lives, government, medicine, law, business and any other occupation with power and prestige.

The most detrimental effect of being pushed away from holistic thinking with a full brain and into a strictly left-brained thought pattern is what is known as suppression of the feminine, every male and female have both feminine and masculine qualities, it has nothing to do with penises and vaginas, they are represented by the left and right brain, the yin and yang, the light and the dark, black and white and any other duality, both sides are vital to our spiritual and physical health. So the intangible parts of our existence, such as emotions, are the true reality of our consciousness. If emotions are part of a realm that we cannot experience with our five senses, then how is it that we are all aware of our emotions? What most people believe to be emotions are not truly the emotion itself. what we are experiencing is the physical manifestation of these emotions, anger causes disturbances in the psyche that manifest themselves in the ego, these manifestations cause the heart-rate to increase, body temperature to rise and hundreds of other physical reactions that signify anger (tears, sweat, shaking, raised voice, loss of control etc.).

In the same way music coming out of the radio is an intangible signal, our experience of emotion is the physical manifestation of an intangible signal as well. It has been proved that our emotions have a vibratory frequency to them, furthermore humankind experiences only TWO emotions: FEAR and LOVE every other emotion branches directly or indirectly from these two emotions. Fear has a long and low frequency vibration to it, while love’s frequency is very rapid and high.

To show that vibration is the key to all fundamental existence Hans Jenny developed what is known as cymatics in the 40’s to show that when sound vibrations are passed through a form of media there is a set pattern that will follow, when the frequency is increased, the media develops into a more complex pattern, this is precisely what is happening to our planet and to humanity.

There are sixty four possible codes of amino acids in our DNA structure made from four elements, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. By any logic we should have all 64 codes activated within our DNA structure, yet we presently only have twenty active codes. There is a ‘switch’ that turns on and off where those coding sites lie, and that switch is what we call emotion, for the first time we see patterns of emotion are physically linked to human genetic material. Fear is a long slow wave and it touches relatively few sites on the DNA, so one who is living in fear is restricted to the limited amount of antenna they have switched on inside them. Love is a higher frequency and a shorter wavelength which has many more potential sites for coding. All of this goes to show there is a hard physical link between emotion and genetics.

A researcher named Vladimar Popov measured tiny particles of light (called photons) inside a vacuum. The photons were static as expected. They then introduced a spool of DNA and measured the photons again, they found that the particles of light aligned themselves along the axis of the DNA, and after they removed the DNA sample the photons remained in the shape of the DNA, even thought he DNA had been taken away, this became known as the ‘Phantom DNA Experiment’, science is now bridging a very important gap between physical and ethereal. Are emotions directly effect the structure of our DNA which directly shapes the ‘physical’ world we experience every day.

So the messages left by the ancients were more than just prophecies about a one-world government or a New World Order, now we understand why the study of the heavenly bodies was so important to them – the rotation and orbit of all that makes up the universe serves as a clock to map changes and transitions, the ancients understood that the changes of the heavenly bodies were a mirror to the changes of all existence. “As above, so below”.

Research has shown that DNA acts as an antenna for cellular regulation. The primary function of DNA is it as a receiver and transmitter of light and sound. The molecular pyramid of power around the DNA spiral’s energizing strands is taking in the spiritual energy of vibrations and then sending them out to manifest or precipitate manifestation in a quantum field, the physical matter of the body.

The Sacred Geometry of Yah’s Musical Scale (The Perfect Circle of Sound); Hertz, (frequencies or cycles per second) that the musicians can tune their instruments to play and experiment with. These are the creators of the musical scale, the original solfeggio, hidden, buried in The Bible for 3,000 years. The ancient priests who knew how to use sound and electromagnetism to levitate huge stones with which to build pyramids etc rapidly and easily, was the Masonic knowledge that predated ancient Egypt, this information, that frequencies serve the function of creation, destruction and miracles, on behalf of an empowered person who has access to this knowledge.

This is the difference between the power of our creator and anything else, that you can go into a pitch black room full of evil and darkness and light a little candle, and instantly the darkness flees, but you can’t do the opposite, you can’t go into a well-lit room full of truth, righteousness, joy, health and wisdom, harmony with the universal power, you can’t take any amount of darkness and go into that room and have any sort of effect whatsoever. That is the metaphor for those who think they are not empowered, it is the greatest lesson for any one to know that they’re on the winning side and that they are going to win.

It is not a fight to be fought, it is not a war to be waged, no rights have to be excorcised, not a finger has to be lifted, most people wonder how one person can make a difference, if all this information is so simple and all this information is available, then why hasn’t someone else conquered their fears and changed the world for everyone else? This is the most difficult and beautiful conundrum to our lives, your reality effects you and only you, you are lead to information to serve a very specific purpose in your life.

See why the world is the way it is? Look around what do you see? Murder, war, death, famine, depression, materialism, fear, crisis, hate, racism and more war. The people in control know how to use their secret knowledge to keep everyone vibrating at a low frequency of fear, making us more easily controllable slaves to them. Wake up and love each other. This is why gurus have always used phrases like “Love is the key” and “Love is all we need”. When you love you’re resonating at a higher frequency and that is how your consciousness is raised, activating more codes in your DNA structure. Fear, hate and negativity are why we currently only 24 of 64 possible codes activated!