Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 are a band it is easy to love, their music, their shows, their members, their whole Yellow Movement, and it is a love that is reciprocated, unlike many bands they have completely bridged any gap that may exist between fans and audience, to the extent that many of the ‘6th Dijon’ (as their affectionately named) are mistaken for band members at gigs and are treated just as such by the band themselves. Not for a long time has a band appreciated the importance of fan interaction and the joy of crowd participation…

Gone then, is the likes of Roger Waters spitting in the face of the fans or building a literal wall of isolation between band and audience, or the Sex Pistols’ “ever get the feeling you’re being cheated” two-song set and famous walk-off, or the Dead’s self-indulgent thirty minute one-song improv’ sets. Nothing like that with the Dijon 5, far from it, expect instead, the band mingling with the crowd for hug-offs, dance-offs, bouncy ball showers, inflatable-dingy-crowd-surfs, stage invasions and stage dives.

Little wonder then, that they have climbed (for next year’s festival season) to main stage status, concreting their firm position as Scotland’s favourite feel-good party/festival band. It’s all in the positive vibes, you will never see a member of the condi-mental mustardo troupe ‘having a bad day’, I’m not saying they don’t, they surely do, but when it comes to the music and having a good time and giving the crowd (no matter how big or small) a night they won’t forget and will come away from smiling, nothing gets in the way of Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5, it is their ikigai!

Flanked by a firm and loyal fanbase, a worldwide exponentially expanding Yellow Movement, and a line-up of some of Glasgow’s finest artists as Yellow Movement members, such as the genre-grinding Girobabies, the magnificent Mickey 9s, the tremendous Twistettes the jam-rocking Jamie & Shoony, and plenty of support from such greats as seasoned samba veterans Sambayabamba, the ska-punk-churning Cherry Reds, Supa N DaKryptonites, True Gents, Have Mercy Las Vegas and a whole host of heterogeneous Scottish talent. The Movement grows larger every day – because who wouldn’t want to be a part of something so fun, rewarding and fulfilling?

The Dijon 5 recently dropped their jubilingo single ‘These Are Not The Drugs You Are Looking For’, the song aims to spread the mustard with “peace, love, happiness, smiles, music and awesome dance moves” but is also a fantastic stab at anti-drugs campaigners, you know it’s on from the start, when The Colonel wades in spitting the opening verses “Legalise everything, cut out the deals and the middle-men, legislate, make it safe, make these drugs in a better place…”, forced through with a throbbing, dancy, Utah-Saints-like beat, and compelling lyrics and brilliant guest verses from Dougie of the Mickey 9s and Mark McGhee of The Girobabies overlaid with a guitar that’s funky like the Stone Roses and a beat that’s bouncy like the Happy Mondays. The video is a trippy journey round Kelburn Garden Party through the open minds of the Dijedi Mustars, capturing the ‘festival experience’ in a music video perhaps better than I’ve ever seen anywhere, and with celebrity guest appearances and a visually stunning display of colours and psychedelic effects to keep you enthralled, lending itself nicely to the enchanting tune. Head over to Youtube and watch it now if you haven’t seen it, you won’t regret it, then you can download it as the ultimate party anthem that it is. – and for the 6th Dijon, even with the summer gone, we can still reclaim a bit of that warmth from the memory and the yellow vibes induced by watching this video again.

“…People roll up in their droves like a rock & roll anecdote, I roll up like a bakery with rolled up fiver notes……hoovered it up, shit I thought it was coke!? It was a potent variation of a horse tranquiliser, who’s driving this space ship let me see the supervisor, you’re on stage next would you like some more? These are not the fucking drugs we’ve been looking for…”

   If you needed any more testament to the great and awesome power of the dijon dynamos you just have to look at the way they’ve been collecting award nominations like a certain blue hedgehog collects golden rings, and they’ve won a few of them too including Pure M Best UK Act and SAMA’s Best Live Act and many more!

It should be easy to see why Colonel Mustard are one of the most happening underground bands in the country today, and they’ve already been confirmed as headliners for two festivals next year, as well as a new one for them and their usual circuit too no doubt, a circuit that seems to be expanding as quickly as a universe in its Big Bang! But this is a Dijonverse explosion, a Big Yellow Twang, and a consciousness expansion.

Just as we are proud supporters of Colonel Mustard, the band are proud supporters of New Hellfire Club Glasgow, if you pop into our shop you can find all their exclusive merchandise, and I mean MERCHANDISE, ranging from CDs, tapes, vinyls, t-shirts to ‘these are not the mugs you are looking for’ coffee cups, keyrings, and even pillows, but most importantly we have tickets to Colonel Mustard gigs near you, sometimes exclusively, and without the pesky booking fees!

Dijancer and The Colonel himself even popped into the NHC Hub for an interview with the ambassadors of the Underbelly, The Gonzo Division. You can find the hallucinogenic video for part one of that interview here well worth checking out!

There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear”, musical revolution is in the air people, the current scene in Scotland, especially surrounding NHC and the Yellow Movement etc. has a poignant, palpable, positive vibe to it, one I can only compare to the early rumblings of the ‘British Invasion’ of 64′, or the pivotal ‘Summer of Love’ in 67′, or the stirrings of the punk movement of London in 77′, or the major electronic style shifts of 83′, or the rise of rap in 91′, or… Well… You get the picture…

…Anyway, you too can be involved, anyone can join the Yellow Movement, you don’t even need to be yellow, or able to dance, just possess the ability to have fun! So say hello to the mellow Yellow Movement below! And come out and join the party where everyone is invited! See you at the next one! Col. Mustard are supporting Space on 3rd Dec at The Classic Grand, also there is the Yellow Movement Xmas Party on the 19th Dec (tickets available at NHC), and you can keep up with all their happenings via their Facebook and Twitter and

…And until then I will see you in the (crocodile) pit!!!

Later Gallowgator!

C.T Herron

 Originally published on NHC Music 28/11/2015