Here at the Gonzo Division, we don’t need an excuse to get drunk, lunchtime? Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so. So when we were asked to Make Some Noise For Peace at a gig night organized by GMA, we got drunk for charity, watched bands for charity and welcomed our hangovers with the guilt-free knowledge that it was all for charity…
GMA (Global Minorities Alliance) is a righteous cause indeed! Hellfire’s very own Will Johnstone is their newly appointed goodwill ambassador and is playing tonight with his band Corvus Experiment and even the God of Hell’s Fire Jamie McDermid is tearing himself away from his duties to show face for the good cause. GMA are defending the rights of the persecuted, the marginalized and the down-trodden minorities around the world through lobbying, projects and campaigns. They are a non-profit, non-governmental human rights organization, who believe that all human beings, irrespective of colour, creed, race, religion or gender, should be treated as equals. That’s fairly straightforward, but unfortunately we still don’t live in a world where it rings true. So tonight, we’re gonna’ plug-in, rock-out and make some noise for peace! It was my esteemed privilege and utmost honour to be hosting the bands, so after the right cocktail of cocktails and a few minutes vomiting up an alley to create an equilibrium I was ready to go!
I’m not going to be my usual loquacious-self and ramble on cos’ we have a guest entry from Sara-Lee Smith (a guest entry so good we gave it it’s own article-Ed.) as well as a word or two from Jamie, but I will say one of my highlights of the night was Static Rock, who kinda’ reminded me of one of my fave bands The Waterboys, with their bluesy, folksy, rootsy celtic-rock sound. They cut a brilliant image being a group of individually dappa gentlemen and they rock out with a tightness and a serenity in their music alongside a Bob Dylan-meets-modern-indie-rock sound that made them one of my favourites of the night! Check out their EP entitled ‘First Of Many’ (and I’m sure it will be) here;

The Corvus Experiment I have seen and reviewed tons of times and they are one of my favourite local unsigned live acts – a band that boasts not only the multi-instrumental talent of Will Johnstone on lead and vocs, but one of the best drummers of heavy-rock since Topper Headon, on the skins, Shakes McComb! And as if that wasn’t’t enough the Da Vinci of the bass guitar, Deano rounds off a trilogy of geniuses nicely! Check out the Corvus if you are a fan of metal, punk, heavy rock or psychedelic as they pack all that in one well-aimed punch that will be a TKO when you hear it! For a more detailed insight into the band check out my Culann/Corvus review or my Wake Up The West review, you can do that and listen to them here;

Electrobuddah are described by the Glasgow Daily Record as The Beta Band meets Rolling Stones with Jimi Hendrix and James Brown on decks! Quite an accolade, and although their set was cut short by a limited amount of remaining time I can see why they are hailed so, they have a rock-sound for their backbone and an electronic sort of overlay to the whole thing, Buddah means awakened one and you will certainly be awakened by an Electrobuddah show as they pack a setlist that can pack a dance floor and you could tell by their momentum that they were building into a powerful force before being cut short. The singer has a strong, hearty singing voice, it’s poppy, but with hardened edge, good upbeat drumming and a sort of Beatles influence, but that gets heavy, usually when you least expect it…they flit effortlessly between genres, pop, rock, indie, dance, blues even outright hippy music! Hippy Girl with the lyrics ‘Hippy Boy seeks Hippy Girl’ is a lovely rolling rock and roll ditty with amusing lyrics, a thoroughly enjoyable band to see live, check them out there;


All bands supporting were equally great, from the heavy rock of newcomers Pedro, to the talented emo-stylings of Laserfox, and a nice wee acoustic set from Alexander MacDonald. The organizer and GMA admin Shahid Shahbaz Khan even wrote a song which was recorded and performed in New Zealand by Rachel Hamilton and sent over to be played especially for the night, it was a beautifully composed song with an important message and you can listen to it here; it is called ‘Pearl of Peace’.
So the day after the death of Nelson Mandela we did something he would have been proud of by making some noise for peace, the night was a roaring success, the crowd thoroughly enjoyed themselves and that handsome devil with the Mohawk made an excellent announcer, haha! See you all at the next one and right now I’ll hand you over to my co-writers (next article on the blog page!) and leave you with the words of Nelson Mandela, appropriate for the night… “We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right.”
*Originally published on NHC Music 21/01/2014